The Account management dashboard allows you to manage all aspects of the account. Here you can edit the account information, adding appointments, tasks and contacts to the account. As an administrator, you are able to manage the organizational structure and who has access to the account.

The Account dashboard gives you one single view of all critical account information to assist your sales teams. A summary is shown with the number of contacts and IBO’s, organizational structure, an overview of all leads and IBO’s, as well as all interactions with the account.

This dashboard should be consulted and updated regularly to give an accurate overview of the account.

  1. Add Appointment:  Click “Add Appointment” and fill in the fields to create a new appointment for this account.
  2. Add Task:  Click “Add Task” and fill in the fields to create a new task for this account.
  3. Add Contact:  Click” Add Contact” and fill in the contact details to add a new contact to this account.
  4. Account Summary:  The account summary shows the number of contacts and IBO’s for the account.
  5. Organizational Structure:  The organizational structure shows how the account is structured, showing regional offices, departments and reporting structure.
  6. Account Details:  This shows address and contact information, with the ability to add custom fields.
  7. Access Control:  Manage who can access and administrate this account.
  8. Contacts:  This is a view of all the associated contacts within the account.
  9. Leads and IBO’s:  This shows all the associated leads and IBO’s for the account.
  10. Interactions:  This tracks all interactions associated with the account.

Click Here to see help on adding an Appointment and Task.

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